Plugs & Moulds

Plug & mould production is an extremely important part of the development process for composite solutions. At Elan, we offer the entire gamut including scaled-down models during initial development allowing for efficient concept approvals and visualizations, as well as later-stage full-scale production of plugs and composite moulds.  We are also repair and service center for existing plugs and moulds.

We can offer the complete 3D design of plugs and moulds, including reinforcements and other needed production equipment.  Further, all plugs are 3D milled with several different materials available.  To ensure final surface quality, including high-gloss finishes, we have an internal dedicated team of specialised tooling experts.

According to the desired production technology (vacuum infusion, RTM, etc.) our expert team can design, test and construct the mould from start to finish. In addition to the plug and mould, we also offer all other needed production equipment for the efficient work with moulds (jigs, positioners, demoulding solutions, transport solutions, etc).

Finally, we provide 3D surface scanning for both plugs and moulds, along with vacuum tests.  Of course, we are more than happy to accommodate any special requests.