PIPISTREL and ELAN joint strategic partnership on UBER eVTOL project

At 2nd UBER elevate summit in Los Angeles Pipistrel revealed new eVTOL Concept. The new aircraft utilizes dedicated propulsion systems for both cruising and vertical lift and embraces an aircraft styled family approach of eVTOL able to carry between 2 to 6 passengers.

The new Pipistrel eVTOL concept, developed as a partner of the UBER Elevate program, will fly longer distances and at higher speeds than previous models. Utilizing a new integrated vertical lift system the vehicle is designed for scalability and will lower operating costs while offering an upgraded rider experience.

At the conference Pipistrel also unveiled strategic partnership with Elan, a Slovenian-based global developer, producer and supplier of sporting equipment featuring high-technology advanced composite components and wind-power technology.

During his presentation of the eVTOL design, Tine Tomazic, Pipistrel Director of R&D, said: “Today we’re announcing a strategic partnership with company Elan, a Slovenian company, they’re 1 hour’s drive from us and they have mastered the production of composite materials and structures in the 50+ years of existence, at massive scales. Elan is producing everything from sports equipment to tens of thousands of windmill power plant components yearly. And together we are developing the design of a eVTOL structure that is scalable. Building-in automation, building-in digital manufacturing high speed RTM composite construction and other things. This is how we believe we stand a chance of going from where we are today with the concept design into the future.„

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