Company Presentation

Elan is a Slovenian-based producer and supplier of sporting equipment and technically advanced composite components. Elan has 4 divisions competing on a global basis. Our Winter division manufactures high-end technical skis and snowboards under both the Elan brand and as an OEM manufacturer. Our Marine division produces well-regarded performance sailing yachts ranging in size of up to 50 feet. Our Advanced Sporting Equipment division, Elan Inventa, provides technical seating solutions for large arenas and other venues around the world. Our Composites division, Elan Wind Power, is the youngest division of the Elan Group founded in 2009, whose initial focus was on producing advanced composite parts for the wind power industry. We have since grown to become a critical supplier and R&D development partner to Siemens Off-Shore Wind Power division. The Composites division is now a global leader in the manufacture of complicated composite parts and has expanded into other demanding and technical industries.

All Elan’s divisions are dedicated to the technical development of products and progressive design through innovation and utilising advanced technology. This combination provides reliable and dependable technical capabilities for our customers around the world. Stated simply, we strive every day to develop and manufacture superior products for our customers.

All of our facilities are located on the same campus in Begunje na Gorenjskem, in the heart of northern Slovenia. This ensures rapid response times, strict adherence to control parameters and reduced logistical issues. Elan is the strongest and most global Slovene brand, and the pride of the Slovene people and its employees. Elan products are currently used in more than 60 countries world-wide.